Last Call to Bring Home Your Images

     Adanac Images operated as a St. Marys and area portrait studio from 1959 until 2022 when the company was sold and the studio closed. From 1959 to 1970 the company operated as Maurice Oliver – Photographer.

     While Adanac Images was best-known as a school and sports photography company, it also operated a studio that photographed weddings, family portraits and commercial work. This resulting studio work was archived. The early archives consist of photographic film negatives. When the company transitioned from film to digital photography in the mid-2000’s, images were archived onto CDs, DVDs and hard drives.

     From now through JANUARY 31, 2024 Adanac Images is offering past customers and their family members the opportunity to purchase the original photographic negatives and/or digital image files from our archives. If Maurice Oliver – Photographer or Adanac Images, photographed your wedding, family portrait, studio portrait, etc. between 1959 and 2022, you can request a free search of our archives to see if we have your photographic negatives or digital image files. Simply complete the online form below and click to submit your search request to us. Please note we will only accept search requests using the online form below. Telephone, email, social media messages, etc will not be accepted. Please allow us a minimum of 3 weeks to conduct your search request and fulfill any subsequent order.

Our archive only contains Studio work.

We CANNOT offer original school portrait, graduation portrait or minor sports negatives or digital image files.

About Film Negatives and Digital Image Files

When black & white film (left) or colour film (right) is exposed and then processed, it yields a photographic negative. In the past, the negative was then used to make a photographic print.

     Today, if you have photographic negatives, you need access to either a working darkroom and/or a film scanner in order to view, copy and share the images with others.

     Digital cameras convert images into digital code (typically JPEG format) which is then recorded onto a memory device. The resulting digital image files can be used in an infinite number of ways in today’s digital world.

Important Pricing Information

For film NEGATIVES and jobs originally
photographed as DIGITAL FILES only
(nothing scanned!)
$20 (+HST) for the entire contents of each job file.
(For example, if you purchased your grandparent’s wedding negatives ($20) plus your parent’s wedding negatives ($20) plus the negatives from a family portrait session ($20), your total order would be $60 + HST.)

– – – – – – –

SCANNING of photographic film NEGATIVES
(Black & White or Colour)
This service is in ADDITION to the cost
of your Negatives / Digital Files

$80 (+HST) for single Wedding job files.
(because of the large number of negatives involved)
$50 (+HST) for single Family and Individual Portraits
& Other job files.

Please Note:
Previewing the images before scanning is not possible. Negatives are scanned at near full frame only (no cropping) at 1600 dpi. Minimal retouching. Saved in JPEG format. Scanning will not take place until after full payment has been made by Interac eTransfer. Please allow up to 21 days for this scanning service. Once completed, you will be emailed a link where you can download all your scanned images. Further editing of the photographs remains the customer’s responsibility. No refunds!

Adanac Images is closed between
Christmas and New Year’s.

No order processing will occur during this time.