Information for Parents & Students

School Portrait Days and Graduation Portraits are special events in the school year. Photographs are visual records of important milestones in the life of any young student. At Adanac, we always do our best to provide you with a quality product, at an affordable price, that you will be proud to display in your home or share with others as a gift.

Best Practices for Great School Portraits


Clearly communicate your expectations to your son or daughter. (ie. ” I expect you to SMILE, showing your teeth.”) Poor expressions are a major reason for retakes and can be easily avoided.

Advise children to follow the photographer’s instructions.


Be aware of what your son or daughter wears to school on Portrait Day! Have your child wear clean, pressed clothes with dark solid colours for best reproduction.

Communicate any instructions regarding their clothes. (ie. “Remember to remove your sweater before you have your photo done.”)

When in doubt, long sleeves are preferable over short sleeves.

Check clothing for missing buttons, tears, hanging threads and other damage. Your child could show from head to toe in their class group photo so consider the state of their shoes.

Hair, Jewellery and Makeup

Avoid hair cuts less than a week before Portrait Day.

Minimize jewelry and avoid clashing styles and colours.

When it comes to make-up, “less is more”!


Avoid sunbathing just prior to Portrait Day.


Fall weather can be quite warm. Many schools lack air conditioning. Consider dressing your child in cooler clothes so they won’t be “sweaty” for their portrait.


Schedule any hair appointments at least a week before School Portrait Day. Avoid “Hat-Head”! Don’t wear a cap on Portrait Day! (Your school likely doesn’t allow hats in photos anyway.) You can wear your cap after your portrait.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun prior to School Portrait Day.

Pay attention to your hands (clean nails, don’t write on the back of your hand) as they may show in your portrait.

For the older guys – remember to shave! (Stubble cannot be retouched easily or cheaply!)

Remember to bring a comb!


Wear your best colours. Solid colours or simple patterns will compliment the portrait background. Medium to dark shades create a classic look and focus attention on your face.

Avoid clothes with slogans, words can be cut in half by the cropping of the photo.

Avoid tube tops, after the photo is cropped you might look like you aren’t wearing any clothes!

Short-sleeve shirts can be distracting and sleeveless tops look too casual. Consider long-sleeves.

Small accessories (such as simple earrings, pins, necklaces, etc.) do not distract attention away from you.


If eyeglass glare has been a problem in your past portraits you should consider borrowing a pair of frames without lenses from your optician.

Last Minute Advice for Portraits

Rehearse your smile.
Be expressive with your eyes.
Look yourself over carefully in the mirror placed near the camera.
Practice good posture.
Relax, smile and look directly at the camera lens.
Have fun!

What People Have Been Saying About Adanac

My kids were all feeling very nervous and did not want their pictures taken. Mark was very welcoming and immediately put the kids at ease. He had them laughing and smiling. He has a great way of interacting with kids. When we left the studio they were saying it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’m looking forward to seeing the proofs!

Ryker V.

We were extremely happy with our school photo take with Mark at the Adanac Studio yesterday. Mark greeted us at the door promptly and with a smile under his mask. He was extremely organized, professional and made our somewhat shy daughter laugh and feel very comfortable. We appreciated the text and email reminders prior to our scheduled appointment as well as all of the safety protocols the studio has put into place. We look forward to seeing the proofs in what we were told will be a very short turn-around time.

Aislinn E.

Mark was amazing with my son, Liam! He normally doesn’t like having his photo taken and he had him laughing and smiling and enjoying the whole experience! He was so lovely to work with and we look forward to seeing the photos! Thanks

Liam O.

You have gone above and beyond to try to help students get their grad photos done – even from schools that you don’t normally photograph. Mark and his staff are efficient, professional and conscientious about their work! Thanks again for being amazing!

Nathan F.

I just felt I had to send off a short note with this order to let you know how pleased I am with these pictures. You made our choice very hard, as these are by far, the best pictures our son has ever had taken. An excellent job, keep that shutter snapping!


North Woods Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions … and our Answers

When is Portrait Day?

Information will be sent home with your child at least one week prior to Portrait Day. Your school may opt to promote Portrait Day through it’s website, newsletter, social media, daily announcements, etc. If your school uses them, look for Portrait Day and Retake Day in your child’s Planner Book. Posters promoting Portrait Day will be posted in the school.

What time will my child be photographed on Portrait Day?

We work closely with your school to organize Portrait Day in the most efficient and least disruptive way possible. Generally speaking, we will start with the most primary classes and progress our way up through the grades.

When will the finished portraits arrive?

Finished portrait orders will arrive at your school approximately three weeks after we receive your order. Orders are distributed by your child’s teacher and brought home by your child. Ask your child to take extra care of their photos when they transport them home.

Who owns the copyright of my child's portrait?

Even though you purchased portraits, the rights to the original image of your child remain the property of ADANAC Images. As such, the original image cannot be photocopied or reproduced in any manner without the written permission of ADANAC Images.

I have more than one child at this school. Can I write one cheque to cover all my children?

Sorry – NO! Please pay for each child separately. This will ensure your order is processed accurately and avoid future problems and delivery delays.

Why do I have to pay in advance at my school while a different school sees previews first?

Schools are typically photographed on a pre-paid plan or a preview plan. The decision to go pre-paid or preview is made independently by each school and / or it’s PTA. If you have children at two different schools photographed by Adanac it is possible that each school selected a different plan.

My ex-spouse and I both want to order photos of our child yet I've received only one order envelope. What do we do?

First, determine if your school is on our pre-paid or preview plan. If you choose your package and pay for it in advance of Portrait Day then your school uses our pre-paid plan. Contact your school and request an additional order envelope OR place your order through the Prepay Before Picture Day button on our website. If you see previews of your child before placing an order then your school uses our preview plan. There is a unique online gallery access code on the preview form. Please share this code with your ex-spouse and encourage them to place their order separately online. If you and your ex-spouse each place orders please be aware that your orders could come packaged together. Maintain a record of who ordered what and share the portraits accordingly. Finally, for security reasons, we do not accept portrait orders over the phone from estranged parents. Orders must originate from the school after reviewing child custody arrangements.

What if I don't like the Portraits?

ADANAC Images guarantees all of our portraits. If you aren’t pleased just surrender your prepaid portraits or previews to the photographer on retake day. (You MUST surrender your prepaid portraits or previews at the camera to have a retake – NO exceptions.) If your school uses our prepaid plan, and you ordered retouching, you will have to pay again for retouching on your retake portraits. The retake date for your school is usually indicated on the preview order form. If you aren’t pleased with your retakes you can call our studio and arrange to come in for another session or request a refund.

Why didn't I receive a class photo with my order?

Class photos are not taken in high schools. Class photos are taken in preschools, elementary and middle schools IF COVID “Social Distancing” requirements permit. In these schools, all students receive a free class photo, no purchase necessary. Class photos may not be distributed by the teacher at the same time as the individual orders. In some cases, class photos are done in the spring and not in the fall. Please check with your school to see when class photos are taken.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, personal cheques and cash. Please note that credit cards are NOT accepted on paper forms. Please place your order ONLINE to pay with credit card. If paying in person at our studio we also accept debit. Post-dated personal cheques are strongly discouraged as they will delay delivery of your order until your cheque clears. Additional shipping costs may be assessed to orders paid for with post-dated cheques.

When I place my order online, do I also need to fill in and return the paper envelope on Photo day?

NO. If you have placed an order online for a student, please DO NOT fill in and hand in the paper envelope on Photo day for that student. Your online order will be added at our lab.

What happens if my child is absent on Portrait Day?

Your child can be photographed on Retake Day. (please note there is no retake opportunity in preschools) If your child missed Retake Day you can call our studio and arrange to come in for another session.

How does the Food Drive work?

In schools that use our pre-paid plan we operate a food drive that benefits a local food shelf in your area. If your child brings a non-perishable food item to the camera on Portrait Day they will receive 8-mini portraits for free – no purchase necessary. There is a limit of one set of free mini portraits per child. Non-perishable food items must be presented when the child is photographed and will not be accepted later. Each child must present their own food donation at the camera so don’t send food donations for more than one child with an older sibling. We do not operate the Food Drive on retake days nor will we replace the free mini portraits if a retake is requested. Check your order form to see if your school participates in our Food Drive.

Does my school benefit from Portrait Day?

Yes! Your school receives a percentage of our net sales in the form of a commission. In addition, we supply your school with student image CDs, student ID cards, yearbook products and many other valuable services.

I think there is a problem with my order?

Please call ADANAC toll free at 1.888.323.2622 (and dial 1 for Customer Service) and we will work with you to solve the issue. Do not call your school.

Can you ship my order directly to my home?

This option is available to you (for an additional fee) when placing your order online. Otherwise, school portrait orders are typically shipped in-bulk to the school for distribution. This helps keep the cost of your portraits affordable.

Do you photograph the student on the background we choose?

NO, we photograph all our students on a green screen background. Green screen is a technology that allows us to photograph the student and add in the background later.

How does your Family Discount program work?

First 2 students pay full price, additional students in the same immediate family, living at the same address are free. All packages must be the same value. Our Family Discount applies to any school that Adanac Images photographs.
If ordering with paper order envelopes, please complete an order envelope for each student, include payment in first 2 orders and then indicate $0 enclosed for students free with Family Discount. Write all students involved in family discount in the “Family Discount” section on back of envelope.

If ordering online, please place your orders for 2 students online. For free students you must complete and hand in the paper order envelope. Indicate $0 enclosed for students free with family discount. Write all students involved in family discount in the “Family Discount” section on back of envelope and that you paid online.

More Testimonials from Students and Parents

My son had his Grade 8 grad photos done, the staff were amazing and very professional. They made the appointment very relaxed and enjoyable during a time of stress and sadness of missing a very important milestone in his life. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Cole R.

Our appt was wonderful. Mark asked what changes needed to be made from the original and he listened. My daughter’s grad retakes went smoothly. During this time (Covid 19) social distancing was certainly done well. The staff were all wearing masks because distancing was not possible during some parts of the appt. They were very friendly and really made the whole process very easy and pleasant. Thank you everyone for your professionalism! Much appreciated.

Jorja C.

Mark and the staff were very professional, friendly and courteous as always. Even though graduation was different for my three children I know that my end product will be nothing short of excellent. This is what I’ve come to expect from Adanac! Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Jacqeline D.

Mark was friendly and welcoming when we arrived and right away explained what measures he was taking and what measures we needed to take to meet the Covid-19 safety protocols. He was polite and respectful to my daughter who was getting her grad photos taken. He completed the session in the time frame allotted without making everything feel rushed and paid attention to small details to enhance the photos.

Emily C.

Awesome, helpful service. Lots of helpful communication before our appointment. Making our appointment online was super easy. We were welcomed right away, everything was explained to us very clearly, photographer was fun and funny and made my child have an awesome time. Super quick, efficient appointment and no confusion or waiting around. We have not seen the photos yet, but I think they are going to be great because the photographer really made my son laugh. Thanks!

Henry J.

Adanac’s Current COVID Precautions keep Everyone Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and unlike any crisis we, as a school portrait photography company, have had to face before. We have had to adapt quickly and efficiently as we learn new information. We have implemented what we believe to be the best possible solutions to keep all employees, schools and communities safe and healthy. We actively follow provincial, local health and school board directives and guidance. We continue to refine and update our plan as experts provide us with more information. We are doing everything possible to ensure a safe working environment in our production facility and on school picture days. Well-organized picture days are now imperative to ensure safety during this pandemic. We are committed to safety and compliance.

Students and Photographers First

The health and safety of students and our photographers is our number one priority.

Photographers and students will be advised to practice safe Physical Distancing (PD) by standing at least 2 meters away from other students and faculty. Picture Days have been reconfigured to meet this guideline.

Photographers will not touch, but will instruct students to adjust hair and / or clothes. (“Contact-less posing”)

Areas where students or faculty are waiting will be clearly marked for appropriate PD.

Wellness / Health Monitoring

All photographers and assistants have received health and sanitation training prior to the start of the new school year.

Our employees will self-assess their health for any signs of infection. School portrait day staff will undergo temperature checks as they enter the building.

Hand sanitizer will be available at all camera stations. Smart health practices are the key to maintaining a safe and healthy defence against COVID-19.

Keeping a Safe Environment

In order to maintain appropriate Physical Distancing we will be requesting the use of larger spaces (ie. gyms) for school picture day.

Class group photos will be done later in the school year once / if restrictions are eased. (If restrictions aren’t eased we will produce class composites in lieu of class group photos.)

Our photographers and assistants will be wearing masks and gloves. Students will not be handling their own camera cards. We have always supplied our own assistants on picture day. (No student assistants required.) Students will stand for their portrait. (No posing stools.) Shared tools and equipment will be cleaned frequently before and after each shift.

We have increased the production lead-time on all of our printed materials. Once printed, materials will be sealed and left to sit for 3 days before delivery to schools. This will allow schools to distribute school picture day materials in a timely fashion without the worry of contamination.

If any of our staff come into contact with the virus we will immediately notify any schools visited by that staff member.

Even More Testimonials from Students and Parents

My daughter had a great experience taking her school pictures here. We felt welcomed and the photographer definitely knew what he was doing! We felt comfortable even with all the COVID protocols. We had a great experience and will definitely recommend 🙂

Hailey P.

Wonderful staff! Everyone was professional and easy to work with. My daughter felt relaxed, and special throughout the whole experience. Very impressed with the precautions put in place surrounding Covid. Thank you all!

Olivia B.

Adanac has always done amazing job! We had our wedding photos done by Adanac 20 years ago and were beyond excited when they started doing school photos. Photographers are professional yet fun and the quality and customer service is second to none! Our #1 choice in photography!

Jenise W.

Met or exceeded expectations in every way … safety precautions, greetings, pre-appointment info/reminders, easy to find studio, fun interactions with student … really a smooth operation! Thank you for the opportunity to get Grad pictures for our grade 8 student to mark the milestone; much appreciated!

Mitchell M.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for such wonderful pictures! It is my son’s first school pictures and I couldn’t have asked for them to turn out any better! You have truly captured my son. I will always cherish!


Upper Thames Elementary

Your Data Privacy and Security is Important to Us

Adanac Images is entrusted with the personal information and images of students. Safeguarding personal privacy and data is very important to us. Adanac Images complies with all Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA ) legislation. We are further bound by signed agreements with numerous school boards requiring us to meet and exceed PIPEDA requirements.

Adanac Images obtains the data we need to facilitate school photography services from the schools and school boards we work with. The type of data we are allowed access to and how we can use that data, is strictly controlled by schools and school boards. This data is generally not retained beyond the current school year. In addition, as required by law, we collect data of a transactional nature from customers when they place orders.

We do not share information with, or sell information to, third parties. The only exception being good faith cooperation with government and law enforcement conducting investigations.

Personal data is stored in-house, on our secure servers, on Canadian soil. No foreign agency outside of Canada can rightly claim jurisdiction over the data in our storage. Off-site data backups also reside physically in Canada, not “the Cloud”.

Data transfers and transactions are encrypted.

Our information technology (IT) infrastructure is regularly maintained and constantly monitored for signs of an attack. Our staff receive regular “best practices” training regarding data management and communication.

Despite our best efforts, no system is infallible. Therefore, we dutifully agree to report any data breach to the appropriate government authorities and fully cooperate with any investigations. We will also notify school boards and customers if we suspect their personal data has been compromised.

Please consult our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.


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